You shouldn’t get married…..10 Reasons Why

Hi, I'm Emily, I take a wry look at the top 10 reasons why… a weekly show that proves that everything in the world can be explained with 10 reasons. You might not agree with everything I say and that's fine, my only intention is to provide you all with some much needed light entertainment. Thanks for viewing, don't forget to subscribe and leave feedback in the comments, I'll do my best to reply. Follow me (not literally) on Twitter here @emilyhartridge Watch my most popular video here: Like my Facebook group here: And this is why I think you shouldn't get married: Tags 10 reasons why you shouldn't get married love dating ex funny marriage divorce husband wife discussions gossip presenter topical funny British humour sarcasm life television girl woman, love "10 reasons why" "you shouldn't get married" "Emily Hartridge" EmilyHart Emily Hartridge sex blog, sex, relationship, advice, youtube creator, controversy, channel, pyjama dance, Cosmopolitan magazine, work, bored, vlog, blog, digital, video, new, Russell Brand, controversy, interview, x factor

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