Women’s Favorite 5 Turn-Ons

I just did some searches on Women’s Top 10 Turn-Ons and there is absolutely no good information out there! Let me set the record straight. I’m kinda in a rush so I’ll just give you my top 5, ok:

Favorite 5 Turn-Ons
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1. Strong Sense Of Self
Huh? Let me explain; A strong sense of self means:

a.You know who you are. Your strengths and your weaknesses.
b.You know who you want to be. What are your goals and aspirations? What is your ideal image of yourself? See it. What are you wearing, what activities are you engaging in? How is your body language? Voice? What is your occupation? Hobbies? What are you contributing to to the world? What are you getting in return for the value you’re giving to others?
c.You know how to get there. What do you need to improve to become the person you want to be? Who do you need to bring into your life to encourage, inspire, and motivate you to the next level? What negative influences do you need to get rid of within your circle of associates, friends, and family members? What is the next action-step you need to take to progress along this path?

2. Leadership Ability

Be the leader of your friends. If you can’t assume this role with your current group of friends then find an additional group of friends that you can lead. Lead your co-workers. Be the leader in your interactions with women especially. Caveat: Do not be an asshole. Here are some ways to exemplify leadership with your peers:
a.Explain less
b.Suggest don’t ask. For example, instead of saying “Hey, anybody wanna go to the art show?”, say, “I suggest we go to the to the art show. If it sucks we can do something else.”
c.Talk louder
d.Expect that others will follow your lead

3.Social Skills

The only way to develop this is to be social all day everyday.

a.Make eye contact with everyone and let them look away first. If they don’t look away say Hi.
b.Speak to everyone even if they don’t make eye contact. They’re just shy and need a little encouragement.
c.Make small talk with everyone you come across. Keep recalibrating until you can get good reactions consistently.
d.Hang around social people and model their behavior (imitate then innovate)


Humor is a skill that can be learned

a.Watch lots of comedies, comedy magic, and stand-up
b.Hang around funny people
c.Take a comedy class


a.Every time you go into a bookstore pick up at least one magazine that you would never read and check out the most interesting article in there. Make small talk to someone about what you learned.
b.Get curious about life and about people. Don’t just let unanswered questions fade out of your mind. Every time you think of a question go on google and look it up.
c.Use your curiosity to create your own conversation openers. Are there 7 oceans or 5 or 1? What are they? Is the real color of the sun yellow? Why does it look red sometimes? Ask girls to settle a debate between you and your friends and ask them to open a conversation. This is the most fun way to learn.
d.Start studying female psychology as it applies to attraction and dating. Learn about it and teach your friends.
e.Start adding one new word to your vocabulary every day. Use that word as many times as possible during that day.

Peace Yo!
David Gideon

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