Women’s 7 Biggest Turn Offs

These are 7 of the biggest mistakes guys make in their efforts to attract women:

Women’s 7 Biggest Turn Offs 1

Women’s 7 Biggest Turn Offs 2

1.Bad breath

It doesn’t matter how smooth your pick up line is or how tailored your suit; If you have bad breath it’s game over. Why? It’s very unpleasant to smell, it shows that you’re clueless and inconsiderate of others suffering, and it subcommunicates a lack of good health. This is so easy to fix! First of all, take 25 cents and go buy some gum. Keep gum or breath mints with you at all times. Have gum or mints in your mouth anytime there’s even a remote possibility you might encounter an attractive woman.

Caveat- If you’re going to keep gum or mints in your mouth all the time realize that’s a lot of sugar. I don’t want you to have good breath at the expense of losing all your teeth so buy sugarless gum or rinse your mouth out with water regularly. Here’s a few more tips:

a.Drink lots of water and rinse your mouth out every now and then
b.Brush after every meal
c.Use a tongue scraper every morning
d.floss every night
e.Eat nutritious, well-balanced meals. Poor nutrition is the PRIMARY cause of bad breath.
f.Use organic mints. White, processed sugars are worse on your teeth.

2.Too much cologne

Use one squirt only! Spray it on your wrist, rub both wrists together, rub your wrists on your neck and shirt. Your cologne isn’t going to impress the girl unless she’s already attracted to you anyway. Every guy has it on, and usually way too much. Once you’ve opened the door to a woman’s mind and she’s looking for reasons to like you more the nice smell will be a pleasant surprise.

Concentrate on solid attraction game. Once you’re able to escalate the touching and close the physical proximity between you and a beautiful woman she’ll smell the cologne. She’ll appreciate your keen taste, attention to detail, the social intelligence of your restraint, and your skill in subtly stimulating her senses in a way that’s enjoyable.


This was a turn off even for cavewomen, which is why the cavemen had to club them in order to get any cooperation. My point is you don’t wanna look like a neanderthal, which has all kinds of negative associations for a modern man like yourself. At the same time you don’t wanna look like the artist formerly, and once again, known as Prince. So, don’t go overboard with the plucking. Keep it looking natural, yet neat.

4.Dirty nails

If you have a job or hobby that gets your nails really dirty buy one of those little nail brushes with the pumice stone attached. Use the brush for your nails and feel free to use the pumice stone on those crusty feet. The stone is great for removing dead skin and calluses.

Another way to prevent dirty nails is to keep them trimmed. Buy a little manicure set for $5. It comes with nail & toenail clippers, fingernail file, hair scissors (for nose hairs especially), and cuticle remover. Get it. This is just showing the world and every hot girl that sees you that you know how to take care of yourself, keep clean, and present a well-ordered exterior. A quality exterior is usually reflective of a quality interior, right?

5.Underarm stains

These are those yellow stains that get on the armpit areas of your t-shirts and shirts too if you sweat a lot. Either look online for ways to remove them or throw the shirts away. I don’t care how much you love the shirt! Get rid of it now! I’m trying to help you ok, man. Now move away from the shirt… slowly. You’re a clean, sanitary, and germ free man. And those are exactly the inner qualities you want to express with your outer image.

6.Seeking Approval

Remember I said you have to be the leader of your interactions? Do leaders seek approval? Why not? Because leaders are higher status than those who follow them. Those who are high status do not seek approval from those with lower status.

Feminine energy wants to be led by masculine strength and this means you have to be slightly higher status than the woman you’re approaching in order to attract her. This is what attracts feminine energy. if you seek a woman’s approval it shows that you’re lower status than her and it turns her off. The great news is that high status is controlled by your inner-beliefs. If you think you’re high status then you are! And if you’re high status then you can create sexual tension with any woman. Hallelujah!

Even if you don’t feel high status just act “as if” you are and you will feel it. Your words and physiology affect your thoughts just as much as your thoughts affect your words and physiology. Try this: Slump your shoulders down, look down at the floor, look at people then look away then look back again to make sure it’s ok to look at them, let your face muscles go limp, move and talk slower, take on every aspect of a depressed person’s physiology. Now how do you feel? Depressed right!?

Well, you can do the same thing in reverse. If you take on every aspect of a confident, powerful, charismatic person’s physiology, guess how you will feel. Now take on the positive vocabulary and vocal tonality of a confident person. Breathe deeply and talk louder and deeper from your diaphram. Move faster and with purpose. Stand up straight, chin up, chest out, eyes up and looking directly into the eyes of everyone who looks your way. Let your words reflect that you cannot be stopped. That you cannot be held down for long. That you will not stop trying until you get what you want. That you will overcome every challenge that dares come your way. How does this make you feel?

Bottomline: Go into interactions and try to amuse yourself and have fun. Remember: The outcome is not important. It’s the experience which builds your dating skills that matters most and that’s what you’re getting every time you approach a group of girls. Experiment and have fun with the guidelines I give you and remember that you have lots more girls to approach after each interaction is over. Keep practicing your social skills!

7.No goals or aspirations in life

No matter where you are in life you must be seeking to improve. That means financially, intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually, sexually, and physically. Always be seeking to get to the next level and be the best you can be.

What would you do if you could not fail? Answer the question.

Now think about these statements:

a.There is no such thing as failure only learning experiences.
b.There is no such thing as failure only feedback.
c.I am not discouraged because I know that every failure brings me closer to success -Thomas A. Edison (after failing to create the light bulb 10,000 times)
d.An expert is a person who has all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. -Niels Bohr

Discover what it is you’re passionate about. Start moving along a path that fulfills you. In the same way that you are attracted to physical beauty and feminine grace, a woman is attracted to a man who has his life together and is moving along his path with clarity of purpose, strength, and positivity.

Get the girl
David Gideon

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