(WIMP) Relationship Advice For Men – 5 Things That Make You Look WEAK To Women PT 1

♂♥♀ 99a59a9d.linkbabes.com ♂♥♀ Men, I'm about to REVEAL the 5 things that makes you look weak to women. You'll be glad to find out that it has nothing to do with your height and size. It's more about how you interact with women. EVEN strong, bodybuilding muscle men can appear weak – which is a big turnoff to women. Relationship advice for men No. 1 – Acting OVERLY concerned about women. When you first meet a woman, and you're still getting to know her, you should never come across as though you care too much. Don't check up on her, asking, "Hey, how you doing" Are you fine? Are you okay?" Especially don't do call her, saying anything to the sorts of, "Hey, I'm just calling to see if you want something to eat. I'm going to the store, did you want something?" Never try to rectify her problems when first meeting, it makes you look like a Captain Save A Hoe. Be somewhat sensitive, but also a bit standoffish. You have to have a "I don't give a fuck" kind of vibe. Don't be too accommodating; be more of a challenge for her. Buy The Tao of Badass ebook for advanced dating secrets. ♂♥♀ 99a59a9d.linkbabes.com ♂♥♀ Relationship advice for men No. 2 – Don't engage in petty arguments with women. When you argue with a woman, she will view you as a sensitive, emotionally weak man. She will wonder why you're such an emo wimp, arguing back and forth with her. A woman will argue until she gets tired or YOU tell her enough is enough, putting a stop to the argument. A lady cannot <b>…</b>

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