Why would he ask this question?

Asked: Why would he ask this question?

Few months ago, had asked him if we are dating. But he said we are just friends. Then we didnt hangout until few days ago. I was being myself but he asked weird stuff like "you've never been in love right?". We are college age.

I didnt tell him if I see him as a friend or more than friends.

Why would he ask that question???

A. he wants advice for another girl
B. he likes me now but wants to know if he needs to work hard
C. he probably knows im not dateable and so is just laughing at me
D. he wants to know I dont have baggage
E. he wants me to chase….even though he was the one that friendzoned me
F. he feels guilty for friendzoning me
G. he is stringing me along….maybe for FWB or something


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