Why would a girl randomly message me on facebook?

Asked: Why would a girl randomly message me on facebook?

We talked a little bit here and there, I tried to get to know her to start a relationship but it didn't get far. We just graduated in May. I would ask her for advice on my ex and this girl I liked a while back so she knows what kind of guy I am. she Also would ask me advice on a guy or two she was dating, and they were all *** holes. We talked maybe 3 times over the summer, and haven't talked since August. the other night right before midnight she messaged me "hey how are you" I thought she sent it to the wrong person We talked for a few minutes before I went to sleep. I thought I would give it another shot to get to know her and I told her we should hang out and she said "yes we should!" and I said we could see a movie, skate or anything, I haven't heard from her since then. It was just very random she messaged me because I haven't talked to her since August and she rarely has started the conversation with me, she maybe started a conversation 3 times.


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