Why is my ex husband so BUTT hurt!! 5 stars best answer?

Asked: Why is my ex husband so BUTT hurt!! 5 stars best answer?

No legal advice please or how to get revenge. And please no relationship advice! I got that I want to know the motive behind his behavior so that I can sucessfully continue to forge ahead as I have been doing.
I just wanna know what going on in his head. I don't want revenge just a good co-parenting relationship. He left me and I gave him his way

My ex husband and I broke up right after I had our son due to his affair, He left to go be with the other woman so I let him leave and gave in, gave him what he wanted. While it was hard to do, I have moved on and was dating a very good man but am just as happy single too. Feels good and its showing on me. I started my yoga studio back up went back to blonde you know picked myself up.

We are now going through a custody battle. He treats me so poorly, he is the one who lied and cheated. I gave him his way. I leave him alone, I dont fuss at him when he lies, when he is irresponsible with our son. He lies about me to others, he gives me dirty looks, he constantly calls me bitter, ( Im not), he even wouldn't allow me to have our son on mothers day even after I had asked to trade our custodial days. He gives me the silent treatment. I have done nothing to this guy but walk away gave him what he wanted. he left me. When the girl he cheated on me with called me to say I was right, after he had cheated on her, I even comforted her, because I am a good person.
Im not evil as most woman would be, I just walked away from him and healed on my own.

Im also wondering why he has to bring up my past wrongs as if they still matter. It's the same wrong over and over again. He only brings up things when he wants to fight.
Why does he lie about me, why does he glare at me when he sees me. Why call me bitter when Im not. Why does he even lie to me about things. I dont get it I gave him what he wanted and I walked away.

even when he brings our son to the car, he cant even put him in his car seat, he just puts him in the front seat of my car and makes me get out to put him in the car. Or he gas to wear headphones when he sees me… I dont care about him…. its our son that I want healthy and whole him too (my ex) WHAT THE HECK IS THAT ABOUT. Our son is two is that safe no . A parent who is focused on the child makes sure that their kid is buckled in super tight.
He lies to me about how he has article written about him, yet no article and I work in the industry. He lies constantly about me to everyone and I just stay in my corner.

Why does he hate me, I admit i wnet stark mad when i found out and burned up his s**t but i realized I wanna be healthy so I left and grew up some more. But him? Why lie about me, just why UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
I don't want legal advice I gotta lawyer… Just some human advice opinions as to why he's doing this !
What did I do wrong. I left because he cheated and I gave him what he wanted. so now he gets to hate me. I mean he's the one giving me the silent treatment as if I'm the wrong doer! Why can't he just get along with me. I never cheated on him… I lived for and loved for this man.

Ive been level headed for the most part and dont let on that it bothers me…in fact he draws a blank stare…


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