Why is he ignoring me?

Asked: Why is he ignoring me?

This guy started talking to me and said he liked me, he planned to go on a date with me and blew me off the night before because he felt like crap but didn't explain why… but he rearranged, we went on a date and it went okay… then he started ignoring me! This went on for about a month, until he text me out of the blue explaining 'sorry that he ignored me, but his ex came back into the picture and messed him about again, he didn't want to carry on seeing me at the time because it wasn't fair on me'… we went on another date after talking again, which went well, and went out again on a third date. Then he started ignoring me again, for no reason! I work with him and he near enough blanks me when I walk past him etc., he deleted me off twitter, and I invited him out for my birthday on a facebook event and he 'left the conversation' without saying anything! He's ignored me ever since! I have no idea what I've done wrong, if he isn't interested in me why won't he speak to me as a friend? As he seems like a nice guy, and although I'm not that interested in him relationship-wise I would still like to be friends with him…I have heard a rumour that a girl from work told him to stop speaking to me as he 'doesn't want a work relationship', I don't know if this has anything to do with it but I don't understand? What should I do about this situation? Thanks in advance for the advice guys.


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