Why do people always try to downplay looks instead of actually giving me the answer I need?

Fah Q Asked: Why do people always try to downplay looks instead of actually giving me the answer I need?

So it has been found study after study that people settle down with and marry those who are similarly as attractive as them. I would probably be a 5/10 right now in terms of looks, I get dates but I want to date attractive women. Unfortunately I am in college where looks matter more than anything. People say all this BS about personality but lets get this straight, women are often shallow creatures (good looking women that is) who don't even care about personality.

I don't have good looks because I don't know WHAT makes a guy good looking. Quite honestly I look in the mirror and see that there is nothing wrong with me. Then I step out into the real world, ask people to rate me on here and I get the usual 5 and 6 rating. I ask what I can improve, people give me BS advice like "oh work on personality and find yourself that nice girl to settle down with".

I DON'T WANT THAT. I want to be a Cristiano Ronaldo. I want to date fine women and marry a beautiful lady. So why don't people ever tell me what I can improve about my looks?

Here I am




Here are the "pretty boys" on campus:




Chlor Form Answered:
get a face transplant.
LifeQuest Answered:
Work with what you've got.Otherwise hire someone to clean you up and dress better.

Stop posting here for answers, don't you know that by now?I think you should considering how long you've been trolling here.

Ace Haley Answered:
You just need to look around more. Maybe there's an attractive woman who's checking you out, but you're not noticing.

Don't look around so much that you don't actually approach any of these women though.

Aww Cutiepie Answered:
Both of those pretty boys look gay.

But anyway, you are calling us shallow while insisting that you only want to date good looking women. Have you ever considered how incredibly hypocritical that is?

Unfortunately, if you care more about appearance than personality, you will likely encounter a lot of disrespect from similar douchebags of the female persuasion. You need to realize that in order to stay with someone for an extended period of time, you must adore their personality first, because looks will eventually fade. So if a woman is reasonably decent — maybe not a perfect 10, but pretty and clean, you should at least consider her. Otherwise you are being just like the shallow hoes who turn you down.

the passionate Answered:
I did give you the answer you needed.

You are a 6/10, bit above average.

Work out, lose the glasses, shave, work on style, read some GQ magazines, and get well groomed and you are good to go. Sitting on here won't do sh1t.

everyonehasone Answered:
You're incredibly self absorbed.So, yeah you're right that's ugly.And the really funny thing is that you don't want to change.You only want the answers that you want.So yeah -since nothing anyone says is going to matter to you – better start saving your $ for plastic surgery.Be sure to bring the photos of the "pretty boys" with you.

Happy?That is the answer you wanted , right?

It's the same question from you, over and over again.Ugh.Find a nice Indian girl to settle down with.

Savedis Answered:
Women don't care that much about looks.If you're good looking you're only guaranteed to get attention from homosexual men and perhaps hate from less attractive women.

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