Why do I still care for her…?

Jason Asked: Why do I still care for her…?

Okay, I have been broken up with the ex for two months now and I still can seem to get over her. She pretty much left me for her ex bed buddy after I pretty much gave her the dream. I bought her a house, was taking her son in as my own, was continually telling her she was beautiful and that I love her, would bring home a flower here and there to make her smile, cook for her and just basically do everything I could to make her know that she was loved and cared for… Now, we havent talked since the breakup and I miss her but know we could never go back to a relationship… I am pretty sure that she was talking to this guy the whole time we were dating as well! So why after all this do I still care for her? and somehow want her back in my life? We did have an argument before she left but I got the impression she blew it out of proportion so that she could leave as earlier that day we were talking about kids and marriage… any advice would be greatly appreciated it…


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