Why do I get mad and why can’t I trust her!!!!!?:(?

Asked: Why do I get mad and why can’t I trust her!!!!!?:(?

Ok, so I'm dating this great girl. But I'm a really protective and jealous dude.. And it really dosent help our relationship one bit, so I feel like I'm the not that's tearing us apart. But she has a cause in it to.. Like when she doesn't text me back after a wile I get the idea that she out messing around with all these guysShe also likes to joke around with me about her doing all these sexual sexy sex things-.-For example I asked her what she was doing and she said "having sex;)" and it made me mad. I told her how I feel about her making jokes like that… That I don't like it. But I really want to make this work because I really like her. I just need some help or advice on how I can boost my trust level up with her. I'm positive that's the reason. Any help??


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