Why do i find myself so boring?

Confused Asked: Why do i find myself so boring?

Im 19 and really have no friends i work and go college had 1 gf only never dated.I find myself attractive and others also the friends i had all do drugs dam do people change i hate drugs and smokers i dont mind drinking but getting super drunk i find it stupid.Yes call me boring i can play all sports i like it.I wanted to join a team but cant since of my job and school really its hard for me.I been sad lately i wish i just had some friends and also am scared meet people when am alone.I be scared of groups i would like a gf but i think the girl would make fun of me since i have no friends.If someone would like talk IM give me some advice i hate feeling so lonely even if i like be indenpent i would like friends and a gf go out on weekened.


Alexandru Brezieru Answered:
be more confident. you chase money, and the girls will chase you. be funny! nobody likes a horse face.
Dean Answered:
Your thinking too much. Try one thing and focus on it, like going out. Those things your feeling are your stories and no one else's. As humans we are good at making up stories in our heads. If you listen to them you will stay where you are. If you challenge them and do things without over thinking them, you will find yourself not thinking like this less and less.

Concentrate on a few things and let others be the judge of you, not yourself.

Chanel Suarez Answered:
Stop feeling sorry for yourself just try to find friends who You share things in common. No need to drink do drugs to have fun. Fun is not what other do, say, or think its what you make it. Fun could be many different things to many different people.
Hanna Answered:
I'm sorry . :/ you need to be more out there, we got one life to live bud, make the best of it ! I used to be really insecure, shy, and sensative . I still am, very much so . But one morning your going to wakeup to a new day and make changes . You will definitely get friends, go out and have some fun . If it means going to a club and meetin some people, girls, whatever . Go for it, You can do it ! icon smile Why do i find myself so boring?

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