Why do I always feel awkward around girls is it normal?

Asked: Why do I always feel awkward around girls is it normal?

I'm going to a party tonight where it's mostly gonna be girls since my little sister is throwing a party (I don't live with my sis). I don't know why I always get paranoid when I'm surrounded by girls I'm completely straight. The last time there was a party full of girls that were hot I remained quiet even though it was my sister's party. Do any of you guys feel the same way as I do. I don't feel awkward when I'm around guys (Again I'm completely straight I'm not gay). Those chickens are so hot that I just wanna do something about them sometimes I just wanna talk to them but I'm no expert in talking togirls because my first thoughts about women when they think about guys is one simple word CREEPY! All my friends don't feel awkward when they're around girls but somehow I feel awkward even in the club I'm usually sitting all by myself and waiting to go home because I begin to feel paranoid maybe because I'm kind of short (I'm 5 ft 10) or maybe because of my ethnicity I'm a Pakistani Muslim and I heard Pakistani men are the last option on a woman's list esp White women because of all the stereotypes that we get that we are skinny, short, ugly, stinky, hairy, dark, stupid, small penises, and that retarded @$$ accent like THANK YOU COME AGAIN or ALALALALALALALA may that person rot in hell who created us like this. I don't tell my friends about this because it's really embarassing. Through out my high school years and my first 2 years of college I've never talked to any girl because of what I just said about my height & ethnicity. Can somebody help me out here I need help so much and can somebody also teach me some manners of how to talk to girls my stupid parents never taught me how to talk to girls I'm really afraid because I don't wanna die as a virgin I'm 22 years old…… Any negative comments will be reported so please be kind and help me out Cheers!


first of all, 5'10" isn't short.I'm 5'8" and have had no problems with women due to my height.Hell, my baby mama is 5'10" barefoot.

Second, what anyone else thinks of you is none of your business.If you're well-groomed, then you're not stinky.Religion isn't important.You gotta realize that all these barriers between you and women are all in your head.For real.It doesn't even matter if you ARE ugly with a small penis.She doesn't know what you're packing (as long as your pants fit properly, haha), and how many times have you seen smoking hot women on the arm of ugly fat guys?Happens all the time.

Try talking to the girls at the party like they ARE your sister.They're her friends and you're her brother, so they're likely to treat you well.Relax, realize that they're people just like you, and just be friendly.It's gonna take practice.No one goes from terrified of women to Cassanova overnight.Just talk to them.If they blow you off, so what?Figure out why and don't do that again.If you need more help, there are guys that teach people how to pick up women for a living.My buddy Joe got a book by a guy called David Deangelo or something similar to that that's helped him immensely.

I find the electromagnetic radiation from the computer monitor damages my head and brain, the part of the brain that deals with social skills.

So, try not to turn the computer on.This will avoid the temptation to look at porn.

Try to eat well.Kale and broccoli are probably the best foods.Cut out artificial drinks, and just drink plain water.Cut out alcohol and cigarettes.

Try to get some exercise.The endorphins really help you feel better.You will also be in better shape to attract a girl.

Look at the relationship with your mother.Does she want you to be happy.If not then talk about it.

Regardingpenis size, try not to apply too much pressure in masturbation.You can damage the delicate inside structure of the penis.So the penis doesn't fill with blood properly.

Being thin and muscular also means more blood flow to the penis which expands the spongy chambers out which will give you more powerful erections and may increase size.So try to be as thin as possible.

ok i know this will sound stupid
but haay
im a shy imean SHYguy
i'm the shyest person on earth
hehe thats how i feel
and have the same problem as you describe
you know how i overcome this
just a little?

i don't give a *****
talk tothem like its your sister
be rude its ok
DONT GIVE A *** shyness is a disease
morals are for losers these days =thats the truth
*** morals
play dirty man

A few things bro
*girls only want things they cant have
*girls love as sholes

The worst thing that can happen is her turn you down and what playing women is a numbers game for every 5 girls u talk to u get 1 number play the odds if u act a fool blame it on the alcohal lol

This is normal your just shy.

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