why can’t i choose between these two? who should i choose?

Mason Asked: why can’t i choose between these two? who should i choose?

i'm stuck between two people here… i have no clue who i should choose and every single time i do make a decision the girl does something or we hang out or talk and i end up just as confused as before. and both of these girls like me back so that makes it even more difficult

I like these two girls, one of them is my best friend i can trust her with my life. i have told her everything i could possibly tell her and more. if there was one person i had to choose to tell my deepest and darkest and most horrifying secret to it would be her and i have told her that. she likes me back but we can't really do anything because she has a boyfriend. but they are having problems and threatening to break up… i won't try to break them up i'm not that kind of guy but i really like her and i could see myself with her for a long time she trusts me i trust her she likes me i like her and she's an amazing girl and i see her all the time she's just great she's awesome and cute and funny and smart and just great

the other girl is my first love… we dated for about 8 months but for 2 or 3 of those months she cheated on me… she came clean with it and told me before i found out and couldn't stop apologizing and saying sorry and doing anything it took to make it up to me… i couldn't take her back even though i still loved her because the trust wasn't there… well now the trust is there and it seems like everything is going perfect but i can barely ever see her at all and i'm worried about what would happen if we started dating again but she is also an amazing and mostly trustworthy girl who is also cute and smart and caring and loving and i just don't know who i should pick can anybody give me advice here?!?!?!?!?!

oh and my best friend's name is beth and my first love's name is kat… any help? who should i pick and why please?


Smell my finger Answered:
…go for the 'one' who likes to "take it in the mouth" and swallow… (and) can make a great sandwich !
breanna Answered:
Neither….there both cheaters find someone else.
Fidelisia Answered:
beth.u cannot have a relationship that is not built on trust cos thats the mainbackground for relationships
Ms Stella Jane Answered:
Neither. you said your bestfriend is still attach, so she's a no-no. while the other, when there's no trust, there's no use in trying to build a relationship, unless she save your life from death or something. Get someone new.

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