Why am I so shy around girls?

Asked: Why am I so shy around girls?

Ok I am a 20 year old shy guy who gets extremely shy/nervous around girls. I am very attractive and people including girls have told me so. Every time when I try to talk to girls I get so shy that I end up saying nothing. I also have a problem looking at girls I tend to look at them when they are not looking and when they catch me I turn 10 shades of red and look at the ground. Girls always laugh at me when I do this. Every time when I try to compliment a girl I blush and feel like a dork too. One time I was at the mall by myself and I sat down at the food court for a little bit and this group of extremely attractive girls sat at the next table over and all started giving me flirty looks and I was so shy that all I could do was look the other way, but eventually gave them a shy smile and they were like aww how cute. They made me feel stupid. I just hate being so shy around girls especially cute/pretty ones. Thanks to my shyness I have never had a girlfriend or a first kiss and I'm still a virgin. Please help


I was exactly like you at that age, Brother. But I still had an ego and just assumed something would happen sooner or later. I missed out on a few great girls.

You should look for classes (or meetings) in your area for "pickup artists" or dating coaches. Women like to be approached. They are natural talkers and just waiting for a guy to show a little class and charm so they can start talking. You just need to memorize maybe 5-10 charming/funny/clean lines to say to a girl.

Like those girls giving you flirty looks. You should have smiled and tilted your head towards the nearest snack counter and slowly walked towards it to buy a snack. If she follows you, then you say hello and ask her name. Tell her you saw her in the group and you were wondering if she was smiling because you're 1) Cute 2) Adorable 3) Handsome ) Hotter than Christian Bale. Of course she will giggle and say you're cute. Then you ask if she's having a fun "girls' day out." She will start yakking away. After a few minutes, you ask for her phone number. (Keep a pen & scrap paper in your pocket at all times!)

Call her in 4-5 days asd ask her to meet for lunch or coffee. No dinner date yet.

Personally, i think a shy guy is SUPER attractive! Your taking what you think are flaws and making them into a negative thing? Some girls dont like the guys that are cocky, full of themselves and with a new girl every week. There is something about a shy guy that is suspicious and attractive. I think you should embrace it! Try not focusing so hard on if the girl is pretty. Go into the situation as "this girl is my best friend" type situation. Your putting too much pressure on yourself which is causing you to clam up! Remember, they want to talk to you just as much, if not more so than you want to talk to them. Relax a little and let it go! good luck!
I am a girl and i am the same way with boys. It literally takes so much courage to talk to some guys at my school such as the hot popular ones. I think if you pick up on the behavior of the "ladies men" it will help. This is gonna sound so dumb but when your alone practice in the mirror or the shower. Alot of girls expecially girls like me like to just talk to you about similar interest. You sound like someone i would date. You sound like you have a big heart. Just try to step out of that comfort zone and you will have your girl.
When it comes to girls, shyness is often caused by not knowing how to respond and what to say. You need to copy the styles of others to see how they do it then practice in front of a mirror at home until you get good at it and don't embarrass yourself in front of yourself.

It also helps if you pretend girls like that are your male friends whom you feel comfortable with. One other thing, keep any idea of sex out of your mind when initially talking with girls because that's also a source of shyness. A fear of rejection.

Happy hunting!!! icon smile Why am I so shy around girls?

i think you are very conservative
Virgin maybe

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