Why am I so comfortable around him?

Bandgeek Asked: Why am I so comfortable around him?

i am a junior/senior, and he is a freshman/sophomore (today was the last day of the school year). We go to the same church, play the same instrument, like the same musicians, etc., etc. we were friends about two years ago ( woodwin choir stand partners), and started talking again in the fall( had to play for a soccer match in band). Anyway, while at the graduation ceremony today (once again, with the band), he started saying how weird it was that we are so comfortable telling eachother everything, even discussing our (slightly depressing) love-lifes and telling eachother perverted jokes, when we hadn't spoken for about 2 years before this year.. We even give eachother dating advice. We both know who the other (mildly) likes, so it's not like we're romantically-involved, either. Anyway, he keeps telling me how he just feels so comfortable around me. He even told me he loves me once. (non-romantically, of course). Also, he asked me "If we got married someday, do you think it would be interesting?" (we're… strange people) Finally, it is so freaking easy to physically touch him without things being awkward. For example, we sat at graduation in a way that our legs, feet, and arms were touching the whole time, and he had no problem getting super close to whisper in my ear (we had to be quiet). Anyway, I'm just not used to being like this with a guy. I tell him things my best girlfriends don't know, and he even gave me a huge hug before we left for the summer.Why do you think I feel so comfortable around him? I just dont understand.


ManiF Answered:
maybe u like him
Paul Answered:
this is what happens to teens when they have too much free time and a labtop in there room

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