Who should I target in trades?

Asked: Who should I target in trades?

This is my team in a 10 team league.
QB1: Robert Griffin
QB2: Alex Smith
RB1: Arian Foster
RB2: Ryan Mathews
WR1: Larry Fitzgerald
WR2: Steve Smith
TE: Jimmy Graham
FLEX: Dez Bryant
D/ST: Ravens
K: David Akers
Darren Sproles
Tony Gonzalez
Pierre Garcon
Ben Tate
Deangelo Williams
Danny Amendola

Rather than have such a deep bench, I want to upgrade myself at every position. Who should I target, and who should I offer for them?


hard to say, all value is relative. If somebody offered you gronk for ryan matthews you wouldn't think about taking it because you have jimmy graham. That being said i would target a QB. Thats really it. your team is pretty well rounded and its good to have depth. target somebody with 2 or 3 good QB's. try to get either brady, brees, rodgers, newton, stafford, eli manning if you can. one of them along with RG3 will be a huge boost.

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