Who Else Wants To Date A Stewardess?

3 300x256 Who Else Wants To Date A Stewardess?

Here are some questions you can ask as you’re sparking attraction with attractive flight attendants from the book “How To Talk To Anyone”.

As an added bonus they allow you to show authority in her world by leading the conversation even though it’s about her… Deliver them nonchalantly.

Remember: Dating a stewardess, model, actress, is no big deal for you. Beauty is enough to get your attention, but not enough to keep it. This is the best frame for you to adopt.

If you like dating beautiful women who are well-traveled and worldly then your goal is to qualify her to find out just how well-traveled, worldly, and cultured she really is.

Make conversation that is fun, builds comfort based on common interest, qualifies her according to your high standards, and indicates your interest.

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1. Who do you fly for?

If you find yourself being constantly attracted to beautiful women who also happen to be flight attendants then you should try to learn a little about the various airlines and what’s going on in the industry. Find out some general information about the airline industry and a few of the major carriers.

In this way, you’ll be able to at least make informed comments and show your curiosity with intelligent questions.

2. Do you fly international or domestic?

If you enjoy traveling or have traveled extensively this will be a great opportunity to teach her something about her world, express your passion for travel, and share a fun and exciting adventure that will demonstrate your value.

3. What’s your favorite layover?

Learn a little about the top spots to visit in the world; New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Rome, Athens, London, Bangkok, etc. Ask her about the best experiences she’s had while traveling and where they happened. Just talking about it will re-create the same good feelings in her again!

4. Do you bid for routes?

Here’s how it works for one flight attendant from Southwest:

“Every month, a schedule for the following month is posted on the crew website. We bid on the trips we want to fly and get awarded our choice by seniority.

Our schedule might be the same trip every week or it could be different every week. If we don’t like our route we can try to trade it with someone else. If nobody wants to trade, we can offer it as a giveaway and just let someone else take it. If we find someone to take the unwanted route we can then look for another route that’s available or stay home.”

Use this example as a springboard for further discussion with the woman you want to attract.

4.Are you senior enough to get the routes you want?

If she says no you can playfully pity her and console/tease her with a touch. If you’ve read my eBook, “Get The Girl”, you already know it’s important to get a woman comfortable with your touch casually before you can ever escalate physically to anything more intimate later.

If she’s says “Yes”, you’ll also congratulate her with a touch on the elbow or hand and tell her that’s great… and how lucky she is to get paid to travel.. or something of that nature. Get her comfortable with your touch.

5. What kind of travel privileges do you get?
5 165x300 Who Else Wants To Date A Stewardess?

Does she get to fly anywhere she wants for free during her off time? Does she get to fly business class on standby? Can she get free tickets for family members? These are all threads of conversation that you can weave in as you’re teasing, building sexual tension, creating rapport, etc.

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