Where can I find a GF if I have no friends? I’m 25 out of college & just moved?

Asked: Where can I find a GF if I have no friends? I’m 25 out of college & just moved?

Well I have like 1-2 close friends but thats about it and they're always busy.
Where can I meet a girl without being creepy by myself? I'm no longer in college and its like almost literally impossible to meet someone one on one without being freaking weird.
Pickup artist videos are a joke and anyone who believes that crap I feel sorry for lol.

I look pretty good, not ugly, I dress well and drive a Z.

What can I do & where can I go? I want to get in a relationship or something but if you have no real friends who go out partying it a dilemma.


2 options
be gay
go to a singles club
well you need to go to a bar or something someone always seem to come up you smile
Go someplace where girls hang out.. The mall or some girly store. Hit on some girl but dont be a real creep about it. My advice would be to compliment them on something and try to start a conversation..
DON'T go partying. If you want to find a relationship go to a Starbucks, movie theatre, or even a park. Ask to sit next to her strike up a conversation. You want to see the girl natural and SOBER.
Start with an online dating site like match.com
local clubs and pubs.. are there any single partys or nights in your local area there usually is, also some towns have dinner for six or dinner for eight nights for singles at local eateries, everyone is in the same boat and its a great way to meet people. Join a club or sport also great way to network to meet people. Online dating is also a great way to start dating and go out.. good luck
Go to a club and get a girl's number.
Try online dating.
Make effort with girls around you.
Not girls at work much, too risky if you're afraid of being creepy.
just say hi. Because you arent in college anymore you never know who you are going to see on a day to day basis so if you see a hot girl one day…. she may be gone the next so you have to approach them right then and there and just let them know you are interested and ask for their number or something. Just dont do it creepily.. and if you look good like you said.. you probably wont creep them out anyway and you dressing well and driving a Z are only gonna make it easier. good luck mannn
Love finds you best when you are not looking. Im not saying stay in your room all day go out and do something…anything it dosen't have to be a club, see what is around town to do. And be yourself that's the only way to find true love
Clubs for flings/hookups/girls that are usually pretty shallow.
Online for more serious commitments.
Do u like bars or clubs? Not really a good place to just pick up girls but you may find some friends with common interests that can introduce you to some. Networking is the way to go. Especially in a new area
I suggest you try online dating. There is this site call "Plentyoffish" that is pretty good. You can perhaps try going to the gym or the park.

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