What would u rate my fantasy football team?

Asked: What would u rate my fantasy football team?

Matthew stafford jamaal charles roy helu andre johnson greg jennings vernon davis dwayne bowe eagles d/st david akers deangelo williams ben tate pierre garcon brandon pettigrew cowboys d/st laurent robinson and matt flynn


I give it a no doubt 10! You have arguably the two best receivers in the league in Andre Johnson and Jennings.
You also have a great quarterback in Matthew Stafford. Good Tide End, and I like bowe too and nice bench too.
You should be very competitive in your league
Good luck!
It's pretty good should make the playoffs
Nice Team. i worry andre wont stay healthy and thats really a run team now BUT he is the only wr they have and he's badass if he can stay healthy. I love your wrgarcon, nice sleeper in robinson if gabbert can get it to em. now your rb worry me. jamaal charles is nice, i'd pick him 2 but hillis is gettin the goaline work. you cant trust wash. with rb esp when helu not #1 on the chart right now. deangelo good for yards but not td's goaline work is cam, tolbert, stewart then deangelo. ben tates good but last year was inflated seeing how arian missed time. u needs some td production at rb.great team tho. nice qb, wr's, te, k, and ok rb but td production worrys me

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