What to do in this situation?

Asked: What to do in this situation?

Plz dont judge me as im 12 and have a boyfriend. I know ur thinkin "ur to young to have a boyfriend blah blah blah" i get it, but i really like this guy and he really likes me, like he told my friend (cause she asked him on a scale of 1-10 how much do u love her) and yes i said LOVE and he told her 10. We've only been dating for a month and he said that. He tells me he loves me everyday on text and says good morning and night to me. I like him A LOT and all, but i dont LOVE him. I dont want to break his heart and im not sure what to say. Im really confused. I dont know if i want to go out with him but yet i want to. I told myself "just go a few more weeks or months and see what will happen" but i dont know what to think anymore. I cant talk to mom bout this for reason i dont want to say and my dad wont listen, also for reason i dont want to say. My only other option is to ask you guys even though i feel completly pathetic doing. As i said before please dont judge me. I screwed up i know and i just need some help straightning it out. If you dont want to answer than thats okay, i can understand. Just a little advice would help. Thanks for reading my story.


Yah he is young and desperate. You need to be start forward with him and ask him to give you space. He will get the picture and back off a tad. If it really bothers you that much, break up with him. You're young and you will meet so many better guys in high school! So lay down the law girl!

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