What to do if you’re the other girl?

Asked: What to do if you’re the other girl?

I really love this guy. We are not dating, but we kiss and have youknowwhat. We are doing this for a month but… The thing is that I recently noticed how he talks about a girl he met on the train… I asked his friend if she finds him okay but she said that he has a thing with this girl… Yesterday I went on his fb profile and there was this picture where he and the Train girl were hugging and she wrote how she loves him, she posts hearts on his wall and they are dating or something… As soon as I noticed it I started crying. I dont know what to do? He likes me, he tells me that every once a while but I don't understand why he didn't tell me about dating her, not just. her?Idk I am sad, then I am angry… It feels like I am beeing used… But I love him no matter what he does… Do I really have to leave him? Is there another way?Any advice how these things are suposed to work?


You will learn one lesson as you grow up darling.They never change,and they will SAY LITERALLY ANYTHING to get into your pants! I know you have hope,but hope is a *****,dont cling to it.Leave him now,he is using you.And next time,get into a relationship with a guy who is only committed to you.I dont want you to keep hurting,if you stay with him,this is just the beginning of your pain.
You feel used because you are being used. He doesn't love you, if he did he wouldn't be dating someone else. He obviously doesn't love her either if he's going behind her back with you…and God only knows who else he has on the side.

If I were you I would move on. It might be painful now, but you should have enough self respect not to fall victim to someone who is only using you. There are plenty of guys out there that would focus on just you. Find one and dump this guy.

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