What should I do…? \:?

kkkill Asked: What should I do…? icon confused What should I do...? \:?

Okay, so I falling hard for this boy who has a girlfriend. I know you're thinking, stop right there. But, all his previous girlfriends he has only dated for no more than a few months, just because they end up being bitchy to him or they end up fighting or whatever. That's what I've heard.

I'm not trying to be his girlfriend at the moment. I just want him to know I exist. So if he does break up with his girlfriend or vise versa I'm already there before all the other girls start strolling in. He's popular, so I know other girls are also waiting for them to spilt. I don't like him just for his looks, or his body. I just like him for his everything. I think he's just so completely perfect, I would treat him the best I ever could possible.

Just anywho, I'm trying to make this short and sweet, he's all that's been on my mind and I just need advice to what I should do.
I was thinking, he works out, I know what gyms he goes to and about what time he goes at, so I was thinking to maybe sign up for a membership at the gym he works out at, which isn't too far from where I live, so then he sees me there, and could give a chance of possibly have casual conversation. I'm trying to get my friends to somehow become friends with his friends. It isn't working out to well, so I really don't know how to solve that one. I wish real life was like Facebook, you could just add someone and then and there, they're your friend. But, sadly it's not like that. It's summer time, so it's not like I can see him in school. I only have a year to like attempt at this, I just like him so much. I've never been this crazy insane. I don't want him to know I feel like this. I just want to be his friend, just so he knows me, and maybe eventually it could turn into something more, if not I just still would be happy being able to hangout with him and have him in my life. Because I feel crazy compulsively checking his Facebook every time I go online to see if he posted anything or seeing where his friends are, thinking he might actually be with them..

What do you think I should do. Please don't think I'm crazy, it's just so late at night and I need to get this all off my chest as well as try and figure this out :c This boy is driving me bonkers!


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