What should I do with Maurice Jones Drew and my Team?

Asked: What should I do with Maurice Jones Drew and my Team?

He just was injured and it is unclear how long he will be out for.So basically what do you think I should do with him?If you think i should trade him please tell me who you think i should attempt to acquire, I will post my roster below.

Also take into consideration,that the League is a 14 person league, it does PPR (1 Point per reception) and there is nothing on free agents.QB TD's are worth 6 points however return yards are worth pretty much nothing i think 100 return yards gets you 1 point.If you could help me with my Running backs that would be great I'm not sure who to play.

Week 8 Starting Roster
QB: Matt Ryan
WRs: Mike Williams / Dwayne Bowe
RBs: Adrian Peterson / Issac Redman (Option1)
TE: Jason Witten
WR/RB: Nate Washington
K: David Akers
DEF: Detroit Lions
D: Jerrell Freeman

RBs: Maurice Jones Drew (Injured) / DeAngelo Williams (Option2)
QB: Andrew Luck
WRs: Jerome Simpson / Torrey Smith (BYE)
D: Terrell Suggs (BYE)

Thank you, I usually have very high scoring weeks but somehow I always manage to lose by 1-2 points….Please Help who should i try and acquire?!?!


MJD isnt going to do you any good if you need wins now, but could help ALOT come playoff time in your league.If you need wins now, you need to trade.As for who to aquire…you need to look to the teams that dont need wins NOW and might be looking to set up a good playoff roster and see what they are willing to offer up for him.

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