What should i do ?? Girls advices please!!?

Mura Angel Asked: What should i do ?? Girls advices please!!?

its been 3 years that we r together but we v never went out on a date. she is my first and i'm her first thats why we always shy about each other and can't express what we feel. we only play a facebook game like when i text her she ignore me and i chill then after 2 weeks she text and i ignore thats "us" but everyday we think about each other even if we dont speak that much. we let our feelings out through facebook status "Hey i love you .. and stuff" but we cant say it in person.People think that we are an official couple but we never went on a date and we know that people think we are a couple and in front of their eyes we act like a couple. Girls advices plz !! What should i do to make it right in an official way ??


Metta World Peace Answered:
LESbehonest, you like girls, I like girls. Let's party!
Mrs Answered:
First, start taking in person. Your never gonna fully know the person till you talk to them in person for awhile. Second, get off Facebook and hangout with her. Ask her out on an official date. Even if it's nothing fancy just hangout at her house or your house or something. Something simple. Third, give her space yes but try to spend allot of time with her so she feels your really into her icon smile What should i do ?? Girls advices please!!?
babysteps Answered:
I'm with "Mrs."! It's a lot easier to develop a deeper relationship in person than over some form of text. Just sayin'.

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