What should I do about this guy I still like?

Asked: What should I do about this guy I still like?

I met this guy I really liked on an online dating site a couple months ago, and we met for coffee and went on a couple dates.Things were going great! We both had an attraction for each other and a lot of chemistry. Until, the last time we hooked up I went over his place for a movie night and we ended up having sex instead. The movie night was actually my idea, because through our text covo we talked about the cold weather and he mentioned about wanting a cuddle buddy. I said, "well I have a heating blanket, maybe ONEDAY we can both use it to cuddle up in". He was like, "thanks for rubbing it in lol that would be cool!" Then I said, "In facted, when do you get off work", and he told me "8:45". So, that's how that got started! I feel really bad about it now, because I knew better and from dating guys in the past I control myself very well. I'm not that type to just sleep with any guy I just met less than a month but apparently this guy really turned me on and I couldn't control myself after the kissing, touching, and his attraction. I've talked to people close to me about what had happened and their advice was to just leave him alone and let him contact you.That he probably did lose interest are just that he wanted sex.

I did listen to some of their advice and I let him contact me but it's noticeable that are communication has slowly faded away and their have been no dates since that night. We spoke on the phone one time and it was a regular coversation like, "how was your day" whatever and then through text I hit him up a couple times about hanging out and the first time he said, "real soon" and then the second time he ignored me. Although, he works two jobs & goes to school and I work & go to school he uses the excuse of us being too busy now. He'll hit me up with a text a couple times a week saying, " Hope your day are week goes good and hit me up when your free".He keeps saying in his text for me to hit him up making it seem like I'm busier than him. I just feel like he wasn't this way at first and if he's still interested he would contact me more often like he did in the beginning. Currently, I hadn't heardfrom him for almost a week since I called him last. When i called him last he nevered answered so i waited a couple days to see if he would contact me back again no contact. So,i just texted him saying, "Hey, just called to see how your doing and to say hi, hope things are going well ttyl". Then, he hits me back with "oh my bad i had gotten sick and had to leave work early, i wasn't feeling good at all I turned my phone off " lol Wow!So, I texted him back 6 hrs later not even responding to what he said because I saw that as an excuse and just answered an earlier text he had a question about that also he said in this "excuse text" and left it at that.

One of the people I got advice from said that he's just busy and that if he lost interest he wouldn't contact you at all. I thought about it but i feel like he doesn't want to hurt my feelings that's why he keeps the contact. He wants me to see what's he's doing so I can lose interest without him hurting my feelings. I could be wrong but I would really appreciate your opionion. What should i do people because i really like him but i don't want to keep hanging on if he doesn't feel the same about me. I keep wanting to talk about that night but then i keep thinking that the damage is done and I'll embarass myself more if I express my feelings.


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