What should i do about this girl?

Asked: What should i do about this girl?

we are both 16 and have been talking for 2 months but have only been able to date once. We like eachother. i have a "friend" who runs his mouth a lot and i was at a friends house with him and had a couple beers and some dip and he thought it would be funny to go tell people i was completely wasted. He also took my phone and pretended that he was sending her bad stuff and i got really pissed and he said he would tell her i was obsessed with her. She is also part jewish and we were at a basketball camp and he was making jokes about it the whole time and at first i was going with it and my brother saved a picture of a jew joke on my ipod and they saw it and he said he was going to tell her. Im worried that when school starts he will tell her all this so if it does happen what should i do? and should i still act like im friends with this guy so he doesnt screw my relationship over. He has already ruined my friends relationship with a girl so i am really worried. He also doesnt believe anything i say and only believes what he wants and lies to himself to the point where he believes it. Please help with advice it is greatly appreciated.


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