what should i do about my crush and whats up with her?

Asked: what should i do about my crush and whats up with her?

ive liked my best friend for a while now, ive known her for a year, we always flirt so we do, she gave us "our song" we'd dance to it and stuff we once layed in my bed hugging and she asked to play it, she would give me compliments like you're the best guy out says im really funny and stuff, even says she loves us, when i talk to her she says she misses me, she told my best friend twice in the last few months that she likes me. theres another guy though she sees thats clearly long distance but refers to him as a "mate". yet its so obvious she likes me, even in my gut i feel it, i sometimes catch her glancing at me and giving me cute smiles. i confronted her about it she said it wouldnt work out, she doesnt see me in that way but i feel like she is hiding her real feelings. as if she would date me but doesnt wanna ruin a friendship, she slipped up many times and didnt have an excuse for what she said those things were about her liking me. what should i do? should i just leave talking to her for a while we already just stopped arguing but its like she is playing mind games yet she said she'd never do that to me. any advice on what she is up to or what i should do? thanks!


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