what semi-acoustic guitar shall i get?

Asked: what semi-acoustic guitar shall i get?

I am looking for a new acoustic-electric guitar, I play a variation of everything but intend to buy a guitar for folk/precussive style music (andy mckee, don ross, etc). I am interested to know if anyone can suggest a guitar or suggest whether for precussive style guitar it would be better to have a microphone or transducer based guitar?
thanks for any replies


Are you talking about a semi-acoustic or acoustic-electric – these are two different type of guitars… The first is an electric guitar with some acoustic properties, while acoustic electric is an acoustic guitar with an added pickup.

Since you're mentioning these two artists here, I'll guess you're really asking about acoustic electric.

Since you're not mentioning any budget, it is hard to give you suggestions about guitars. You may want to check out brands like Maton, Seagull, Takamine, Yamaha, Washburn or Ibanez – all solid and not too expensive.

you can try this one, ESP Xtone PA-1 Paramount Series Semi-Acoustic Guitar Brown Sunburst. you can see the feature :Set-neck construction25" scaleMahogany body3-piece mahogany neckRosewood fingerboardPearl and abalone block inlaysBlack finishB-band electret film transducer pickup systemVolume, treble, and bass controlsChrome hardwareEarvana compensated nut and saddleGrover tunersRosewood acoustic bridgeTriple layer white binding on body, neck, and headstock22 XJ frets, and you can get it with FREE Super Saver Shipping before christmas.
hope this can help you

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