What is the best way to Approach a Random girl you think is beautiful?

Asked: What is the best way to Approach a Random girl you think is beautiful?

I've seen Pickup Artists Like Simple Pickup And Sasha Daygame do it, I know they are pros, but I still want to try and give this some more thoughts. What would be the best way to approach a random girl, weather it be on the street, at school, at a park or the mall? What would be some good things to say, good openers or conversation starters. Would a compliment be good, and a good way to eliminate approach anxiety, and increase your chances of getting her number or a good out come? I've tried it before came up to a girl, complimented her. I didn't do it in a creeper way just calmly said "sorry to interrupt but I couldn't help to notice that your beautiful" she said thanks and started walking away. I knew this was a sign of disintrest, and this made me embarassed I was really mad, and didn't want to try it again. I kind of got over it because I know I'll get rejected a lot and people do. But I'm scared to do it again because I think what if that happens? Need help.


Act like the new guy. Ask for directions, say hi and compliment them, etc.
Shuffle towards her with your knob out before screaming, "I AM NOT AN ANIMAL!"
Show her your macarraca
don't be scared of rejection… just saying your beautiful to a girl the way you did was nice, but probably creeped her out. plus if you get rejected there are plenty other girls out there. just go up to her and introduce yourself and say "sorry for bothering you but I just wanted to say your really pretty/ beautiful".
The thing with pickup artists is that they ply their game at pickup joints, where women are receptive to that sort of approach.Out in the day to day world it doesn't really work.The best approach is to not have one.

Strike up a conversation with her just for the sake of conversation.Coming in with plans and expectations will just broadcast your intentions to her.And since she doesn't know you, she may leave.

Compliments are best saved for later meetings when you can deliver more thoughtful ones derived from your knowledge of her.And that's the key to getting a number or a date from someone random — it's to make yourself less random.Make yourself more familiar to her and everything will come naturally.

It doesn't just happen all in one go like they'll have you believe. She would have to be in a state or environment conducive to being picked up like that, which is not the norm ( at least not off-line icon wink What is the best way to Approach a Random girl you think is beautiful? .Good luck.

I think you already know that first impression is the last impression. so I think in such a case of you,
you shouldn't be fast.first of all say hello to her but not in a way that you are threatening her.After that ask her about some place you are searching for or ask her that if we have meet some where ever before. talk to her on different topics taking environmental/surroundings examples or other things, but one thing must be remembered that keep smiling and enjoy the moment.Ask about her name,what do she do and not too much when you think that it is the time to interchange the numbers than you may ask her for that otherwise wait for some time more.
I wish you it would be beneficial to you.

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