What happened to real music?

Asked: What happened to real music?

I'm 13 and most of the lyrics on the radio are about sex, drugs and stuff that doesn't make sence. All the music if computer made and their voices are auto tuned. Almost no modern day artist has talent. Whatever happened to rock and roll and punk rock or metal? Why is this bull sh*t so popular?


I love that a 13 year old has this opinion. there is hope yet! Buy a guitar and rock out!!
There are still talented artists out there but you have to dig a lot deeper to find them. For me Dave Grohl is a living legend, whatever he touches will turn to pure rock gold.

Check out some stoner rock!! Unida, Eagles of Death Metal, Kyuss. Pretty much anything that Josh Homme has been involved with as well!!

Yeah ok radioheads new stuff is mainly electronic, but dig back to the bends, ok computer, hail to the thief and theres some mean guitar work there!!

Check out silversun pickups as well, they are a modern smashing pumpkins (when they were actually good)

Because people just want money and anything with a catchy beat ppl will listen to
if you want some real music look up some Youtube artists like:
David Choi, Kina Grannis, Chester See
Also i really like
Death Cab for Cutie, Young the Giant, Mumford and Sons, etc…

btw taylor swift is amazing live and her songs arent that bad

You see what happend with good music is that stupid people with bad hearing took over the world and they have no taste in anything and we're all going to die because of them and their non sense
Don't know, but punk rock all the way

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