What do you think of my fantasy team?

David Asked: What do you think of my fantasy team?

10 Team Head to head league

QB- Eli Manning
RB- Arian Foster
RB- Ahmad Bradshaw
WR- Steve Smith
WR- Dwayne Bowe
WR- Jeremy Maclin
TE- Rob Gronkowski
FLEX- Deangelo Williams
D/ST- Eagles
K- Stephen Gostkowski

Ben Roethlisberger, QB
David Wilson, RB
Sidney Rice, WR
Ruben Randle, WR
Brent Celek, TE
Mike Goodson, RB
Cowboys D/ST
Brandon Jacobs, RB
Stephen Hill, WR

I know that basically my entire bench is a question mark, and that D-low is a big risk, but anything else? Any suggestions?



Manning and Bradshaw are decent as Giants, but I hope that Bradshaw requires from his foot injury.If I had the first pick of the draft I would have drafted Foster (I would be willing to talk trade at some point for him as well if you're looking to shop).Maclin is going to have a great breakout year and Steve Smith has a chance of replicating last year's numbers with a strong performance from Cam, and I think Gronkowski is the real deal as well.Dwayne Bowe has the ability to pull something special together, but I don't think that he'll do it.Also, I don't know if I like the Eagles defense after the way they looked last season at times, but they're passible.

Like you said, not sure about the bench, but it's pretty good.

Don Answered:
Its decent.Im not a fan of taking a TE in the before round 5 because quality options can be found later in the draft.Think about what your roster would have looked like if you had the same players but instead of Gronk you picked someone like DMC, Richardson, or Murray who were likely available and trade in Deangelo (who is not good this year because he will split carries with Stewart, and lose goaline work to tolbert and Newton) for someone like Witten, Davis, or Hernandez who are all very good quality TE's.Gronk is going see declines this year and I don't see him putting up 2nd round value.other than that its pretty good.id say 8/10.(drop Hill for Brandon LaFell from carolina! He has much better upside and I think will have a breakout year)
Chaos Answered:
It is a well rounded team with the exception of the bench.
GTAP Answered:
I would try to get rid of Manning, he is a great QB but his numbers arent good. Other thatn that you seem good
Matt Answered:

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