What do you think about this trade?

Asked: What do you think about this trade?

Someone has offered Arian foster, victor Cruz, Steven Jackson and Randall Cobb

And I would be giving away Roddy white, Brandon Marshall, Jamaal Charles, and deangelo Williams.

What do you think of the trade?

Here is my roster before the trade

Qb-eli manning
Wr-roddy white
Wr-brandon Lloyd
Wr-brandon Marshall
Rb-lesean McCoy
Rb-jamaal Charles
Te-tony Gonzalez
Flex-Pierre garcon
K-david akers

Ty Hilton
Deangelo Williams
Micheal bush
Brandon bolden
Jeremy kerley
Brandon pettigrew


Just stay with what you have. You will lose your 2 best WR's…You will gain a btter RB but Charles is just as good as Foster anway so its not worth it. Steven Jackson is damaged goods and will never be a good RB option in any fantasy league. ** I would swithc your flex spot to Bolden or Williams for this week.
I would haft to pass, your team looks good, wouldn't jack with it.. Ya foster and Cruz would be good but Jackson and Cobb are ?'s
Good Luck!!!!
Don't do it.
You're right about the Garcon choice as flex.
Nix this trade bro. You have a MONSTER team. You have 4 starters. Randall Cobb doesn't start, Cruz is wicked and so is Arian Foster (pretty much unstoppable). Steven Jackson is the X factor. He hasn't blown it up recently and STL isn't going anywhere anytime soon. You basically are getting 2.9 guys for the 4 you would be giving away. Your 4 guys are GUARENTEED to get you much points. Cobb isn't (unless you count return yards) and Jackson isn't consistent enough to warrant this trade. Your current team is SICK. Your bench is your only weakness. Dump Kerley and get a solid #2 WR Nate Washington, Leonard Hankerson, Davone Bess, etc. Other than that you are set. Just DON'T DO THIS TRADE!!!!

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