What are this girls intentions? does she like me?

Asked: What are this girls intentions? does she like me?

basically i got in touch with a girl recently i hadnt seen in a long time. in fact i became a recluse for a while and grew my hair to my chest and a beard and just sat around drinking smoking, writing and playing guitar i had cut off contact with everyone and i didnt want it. this girl gave me a reason to want to leave my house again. she messaged me every day as soon as she woke up and we spoke for hours every day. she started dating someone in the meantime but she wasnt into him she just met him when she was drunk or whatever and she told me. then she finally asked me to hang out and i hung out with her, her boyfriend and other people. she kept touching me and sitting on my lap in front of him and then broke up with him in front of me. he said it was because of me but he wasnt mad at me. then i had to go home with him and i gave him some advice and calmed him down a bit. a few days later he asks me to hang out with him and i didnt answer. after that she kept talking to me and then asked me if i had spoken to him recently and that we should hang out. i told her i was supposed to hang out with him but i didnt and then right after that she said i dont think we should be friends anymore i asked why and she said because my ex is trying to pull some stupid ****. i said who cares about that im not hanging out with him and she hasnt answered or spoken to me all day which is unusual. what in gods name am i supposed to do and what is her deal? sorry for the long read but i really really could use the help because im pretty miserable right now. i asked this earlier but i could always use more answers


i think you should keep trying to contact her and maybe ask "what's going on?". Her actions seem all weird to me. So i think that she may be having a hard time to figure things out. Just be there when shes ready to make up her mind and clearly talk to you.

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