What am I doing wrong?

emblock Asked: What am I doing wrong?

So the past few months ive been taking my chances and trying to meet some guys through okcupid. On both occasions we'd start out by chatting through okcupid messages. Then we'd exchange numbers and text. Most of the time the texts were often and very flirty. Eventually we would schedule to meet up and have dinner together. On the first occasion I met up with the guy and we had a great time laughing and talking for a good long while. When it was time to go we ended things with a hug and plans to meet up soon. Well the next few following days texts from him were very minimal and when I tried to setup another date he wouldnt answer at all. Eventually he just ignored me and I reluctantly just accepted the fact that he was just not into me. I met up with another guy this past thursday and we had been texting a lot and he seemed to be really into me. We met up for dinner and things were awkward at first. It took us both a while to warm up to the other but once we got acquainted we hit it off and had a very long convo. Got ice cream and then went and sat in his car and chatted for another 2 hours. Well lets just say that we got a bit frisky and one thing led to another. Overall it was a great night and we both seemed to have enjoyed ourselves. We left off with plans to text the next day and figure out when we could meet up again. The next day his texts were very minimal. And today I texted him to see how he was doing and he responded and said that he was good and asked how my day was. I replied by saying I had a good day and that I was hoping that we could meet up next thursday based on whether he was free or not. This was earlier in the day and ive yet to get any response. Im just so fed up with the same thing happening to me yet again. The last guy really hurt my feelings. And in this case the feelings are starting all over again. First off I know I obviosuly over analyze things way too much but in this case I feel like I have a reason to since ive had the experience multiple times. What am I doing wrong? Has this happened to any of you guys? I just wish I could figure out what i am doing wrong. Any input or advice would really help! Cause im still pretty new to the gay dating world.


Sarah Answered:
i say you boogie

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