What advice should I give MY SON?

Asked: What advice should I give MY SON?

My son is dating this South American woman. She trapped a guy who didn't want her by lying that she was on the pill. Afterwards, she left the baby one month old once it was born and came to Europe. She dumped the baby on her parents and then demanded huge childcare maintenance for her unwanted daughter from its father. She never returns to South America to see her child. The father of the child would like to see the child but she refuses to let him see it as he wouldn't marry her.

She is living with my son. Right now she is out of work. When he gets home after working she has no cooking or cleaning done.

Once her friends asked in front of my son if she was in love with him. She raised her eyes to heaven and laughed and never answered.

What advice should I give my son? He asked me what he should do?


Hello. You should tell your son in a calm but strong voice that this women is no good for him and (sounds like) shes using him and it might be hard to move on but he needs to find someone better. Hope this helps good luck icon smile What advice should I give MY SON?

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