Was my expectation too high or he was just not serious…?

Asked: Was my expectation too high or he was just not serious…?

I am a single mom with a 5-year-old child. I am in my early 30s.
Recently my BF had a broke up with me. We are together for almost 10 months, i thought the relationship was serious….(We`ve met each other`s parents friends, he had met my child..etc)
He told me that my expectation was too high. But I have never asked him to buy anything for me nor my child, I only asked him to show some consideration or spend some time with me and my child together…but now i rethink about the relationship, i feel he wasn`t really in my life. We see each other mostly on the weekend when my child goes to the dad`s house. I realized that he had rarely asked to take my child out to the park or showed that he liked children, that made me feel he only wanted to date me but did not want to be involved in my real life as i also have a child…etc I felt so sad to want to think that guy might just want to have some with me, but not really serious…
What should a single mom expect from her relationship?Understand my Priorities,Be Considerate,Be Involved with my Child,Be real and no games, Romance,The Ex husband Factor,His Actions…. Are those too high that he can not reach?
I felt sad, hopeless,and confused for myself, career…..
I need some advice and if you have same experience like mine, what made you be come stronger and stronger?


first of all don't feel sad ,hes not worth it being a single mom is hard and if a guy is going to like you he needs to like you and your child he knew you already had a child its not like you didn't ,you need to think about your child before you think of you,you need someone that wants to be around him/her because if your thinking of serious relationship hes not going to replace his dad ,but hes going to be a role model ,any ways good luck

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