Very confused? Need dating advice?

Asked: Very confused? Need dating advice?

Well I'm to the point of coming here and getting other opinions because seems like I'm getting different ones from my friends. But I'd rather have a straight answer from a stranger then a candy-coated answer from my girls. Basically all started with this guy at work. We have known each other since April 2012 but have been "talking" since maybe June/July anyways it was great at first we would talk everyday laugh and joke about stupid ****. But as this past few weeks he's not really talking to me anymore.He keeps making excuses when I ask to hang out. He doesn't text me anymore, and today I saw him talking to another girl about work stuff but he was looking at her (ya know what I'm talking about that "look") and I'm like WTF.. here I am standing.. you don't say nothing to me at work maybe two words and we are suppose to be close. I mean I got him something for his birthday I am really nice to him and he treats me like I don't exist at work and on top of that he keeps making these excuses to hang out with me. Was he just using me? Is he just keeping his options open? Cause for some reason ever since I got him madden 13 for his bday he hast wanted to make the effort to hang out? Help?


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