VBAC or repeat cesarean? advice please?

Asked: VBAC or repeat cesarean? advice please?

With baby #1 i was induced after going 9 days past due date. I was in labor for 23 hours I dilated to 9cm and then swelled shut and ended up having a c-section which they said was a very good thing because my baby's cord was wrapped around his neck. He was also 8.9 and 21 inches long & they said since I'm so small i would have never been able to push him out (5'4'' and 98 pounds before pregnancy)

Well its been 2 years and I'm due Feb 27th with baby #2. I'm 36 weeks & She is already 6.5 pounds according to ultrasound. Doctor said its up to me if i want to try for a VBAC or have her on my scheduled c-section date of Feb 22nd. He said he will scrape my membrane if i want to try for VBAC.

Should I try for vaginal or go ahead with the c section and save myself from possible disappointment?

Please help this is really stressing me out. Thank you


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