The 5 Rules Of Raising Low Self-Esteem

What Taste In Juice Says About A Woman & The Science Of Low Self-Esteem

True Dating Advice.. Hilarious!

Secrets Of Raising Self Esteem & Core Confidence

Rule #1: Be Outcome Independent

The irony is that when you let your standards “slip” out of loneliness, women will sense that you have low standards and will lose attraction. Hence, the cycle of loneliness perpetuates itself!

The only way to break the cycle is to lay aside any lust or loneliness when you interact with attractive, ladies and decide what you truly want in a woman, and forget about the outcome.

Rule #2: Decide Your Standards

If you were living life at your full potential and as your ideal self what would a woman have to have to be with you? What behaviors would you not accept? Make out a list of 5 “must haves” and 5 “dealbreakers”.

Now that you have your standards mapped out on paper (Stop. Actually Write Them Down!)…

Rule #3: ALWAYS Qualify Women

Now start asking girls questions to see if they meet those standards. Tell them you like it whenever they meet your standards and give them a little touch on the elbow, smile, and move closer. Tease girls and tell them they’re not your type (with a smile) anytime they don’t meet those standards.

If she backtracks or tries to argue the reasons she’s not really like that (i.e that she really is your type) you’re in! Now she’s qualifying herself.

Rule #4: Act “As If”

Bottomline: Fake it ’till you make it. Even if you feel desperate act as if you’re living in an abundance of beautiful women and get to choose who gets to be with you. Use your body, tone of voice, demeanor, and actions to display high standards. Believe it or not doing this will affect the way you feel inside too!

Rule #5: Take Action!

Get up, go out, and give it a shot. The only way to get better at ANYTHING is to get out and do it. Don’t be an armchair expert. Don’t get good in your head as opposed to in reality. Start interaction with women just for fun; just to amuse yourself and to be social. Expect nothing but a cool conversation, but shoot for the stars at the same time.

..And leave me some comments when you see the difference this makes in your dating life. I know you will.

David Gideon

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