urgent boy advice needed: could he be shy? 10 pts?

Niik Asked: urgent boy advice needed: could he be shy? 10 pts?

There is a guy I've known from college since 2009
He has never dated any girls before, is really shy about girls (according to our mutual friends) and has strong Christian religious beliefs.
I told him I liked him in a text message and he replied saying he just sees me as a friend
This happened at the end of April.
I told him in a text message because we lost touch last year and only recently started hanging out through mutual friends again.
He told me to give him a call once I have more time (I was busy with work commitments)
I text him a month later- he replied but said he had study when I invited him over
I text him again a few days ago and he replied
I sent anoter message asking if he'd want to hang out- no reply
Im going to wait a few days before I send this message (please help me edit it!)

Hey jack! I'm free this weekend if you want to catch up! I'm so confused because I don't know if you do want to see me. I don't mind as long as you are happy! I won't keep getting in touch if it's weird/inconvenient

We have known each other a really long time, his friends have told me he likes me, I have seen him checking me out and getting really jealous over other guys…
Would he tell me if he didn't like me? (instead of not replying to a text?)

My last message asked him what he thought about us catching up and whether he had been doing a type of work i'm interested in starting around July…(no reply as yet- sent 2 days ago)


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