Undecided Question: pickup artists\tao of badass question for men who use the systems?

Asked: Undecided Question: pickup artiststao of badass question for men who use the systems?

As a girl (and no i am not a lesbian) i find this stuff really interesting i kind of lovehate men who use this kind of tricks on women. why? well first because it makes it so simple to manipulate women in to getting laid with them and that leaves us women really venerable because once you know how to do it we cant help but to "fall in love" with the player who just wants to have sex but on the other hand i kind of wish more men would know how to drive a women crazy that's the adrenalin that we would like but the whole "just for sex and with alot of woman" really sucks for us.
but my question is that i noticed that the system teaches you how to make woman buy things for you chase you and compete with other women over you…now from what i learned and heard guys like to chase and they show love by "providing" (and that's why men wouldn't want to marry a girl if they don't have money to provide her and the kids they will have) plus i heard men rather be the one who chase and a girl who dose the chasing is considered a "needy" and "insecure" and where is the thrill of the hunt here if you know how some psychological and psychical moves will make her automatically want to have sex with you?? So please explain this to me just why? And how men like this show real love and not just "playing" for sex?


I just read the longest run-on sentence ever.

Bleach my eyes.

And while I'm at it, bleach your brain.

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