Undecided Question: how much can i sell my Epi SG g-400?

yyy Asked: Undecided Question: how much can i sell my Epi SG g-400?

i really want to sell that guitar, to get some money to buy a Fender strat and i would like to know how much i could get for that guitar.

It's a SG G-400, flame top, almost like new (only played like… 5 months on it)
I changed the pickups for a Burstbucker 1 and a burstbucker 3.
I'd sell it with a hard case that an artist painted with flames and epi's logo on it.
on the back on the head, it's written: limited edition, custom shop (i bought it in a music store, so it's genuine..)

any idea how much could i get from that guitar?
the reason why i want to sell it is that i haven't used it since i got my Gibson LP and 335…


Hello there,

The general rule of thumb is that a used guitar in very good condition sells for half the new price. Modifications, so-called upgrades, rarely increase the value significantly. If you have a lot of money tied up in upgrade parts, you are better off putting the guitar back to stock and selling those parts separately.

The G-400 sells for $349 new. So you can expect around $175.


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