Undecided Question: asking a girl on a first date…?

Jon Asked: Undecided Question: asking a girl on a first date…?

I thought of moving things forward and ask her out on a date. I like her and she likes me (her friends told me). Although we have an AWKWARD kind of friendship (like we rarely talk in person since we're both shy), I'm thinking of asking her out anyway. People say I need to take it slow and start of as friends. But **** it my friend told me she's waiting for me to make a move. So I'm thinking of a movie date, ice skating after, then dinner. The thing is, I want it to be perfect since I find this girl special and she deserves the best.
So… Here are my questions:
- Is ice skating a good activity on a date?
- How do I ask her out?
- How do I make it perfect?

Pickup artists and dating coaches… aspiring or real ones help me out! 10 points for the best answer!


ok thats a wright one to do
So, you decided to ask this girl out, but you are not sure how to go about doing that. There is so much conflicting and confusing advice out there on asking women out on a date, that its hard to figure out which advice is most useful in your specific situation. Indeed, it is important to ask the girl out the right way and avoid the typical mistakes that so many guys make when they ask girls out.
Here is a list of points that you should keep in mind to make sure that you ask the girl out the right and the attractive way:
1. Dont ask but invite. Dont start your conversation with Would you like to go out with me? This kind of passive attitude implies a certain lack of confidence and initiative on your part. Women, especially those women who are romantically inclined who want to love and be loved, enjoy seeing a guy who takes charge in sublte but important ways when it comes to going out and dating. So, instead of asking whether she would like to go out on a date, invite her out and start the conversation with: Lets take a walk together at this new park.
2. Dont use the word date. As ironic as it sounds, you are better off not using the word date when you are asking a girl out on your first date. Instead, simply invite her to spend time with you. Lets go on a date take all the romance and all the tension out of the situation and will likely turn the time you spend together into a very non-date like experience. If she asks if its going to be a date, this is a perfect opportunity for you to be funny and say playfully something like: Of course not; its purely business.
3. Be specific about time and place. Dont say lets do.. sometime. Name the day and approximate time of when you want to meet. Also, dont use vague, weak words, such as lets hang out as this implies some kind of passive attitude and purposelessness to your time together.
4. Dont make a big deal out of asking her out. Dont make it sound like asking her out is a matter of life and death. If you are tense and nervous when asking her out, she will feel just as tense and nervous. Make your invitation sound as if it was the most natural thing for you to do (and it should), and this will help her feel comfortable and at ease with the plan as well.
5. Dont plan anything too exciting or complicated. The purpose of the first date is to spend time together and focus on each other rather than some very interesting activity such as a concert, sports game, etc. So keep that first date simple where you have the opportunity to talk to each other and get to know each other without too many distractions.
Keep the above five tips for asking a woman out on a first date in mind, and they will likely serve you well.
just trial it
Ice skating sounds like a dream date to me !
Buy her a rose and attach a note to it asking if she would be willing..
Be exceptionally sweet! and remember chivalry isn't dead! So open doors for her,
don't make it obvious play it off like a second nature.
Well I'm none of those lol…but I'm a girl so I might help a little

Ice skating is perfect for showing your manly side but I would leave that til you are actually dating …it's more fun holding hands. And if you try doing that on first date you will drive yourself nuts on what you should do or what move to make.

For first date a dinner and movie is perfect start I think…and going to movies since you two are both shy will mean you won't have to worry on talking so much.

Call her and ask her out. And then pick her up and bring flowers to her door before you hit the road icon smile Undecided Question: asking a girl on a first date...?
Good luck

Question No.1: Ice Skating is a pretty good idea but for a first date (just my opinion) you should start off with something more simple and less physical, such as movies or lunch.

Question No.2: At first, when you're about to ask her out, your heart starts pounding and you get all paranoid about the issue. But if she's waiting for you to make a first move, then she won't care much about how you do it, so just go "Hey, you know, we've knew each other for quite a while, and I'm just wondering if you have time to go out on Saturday and watch Slime Monster 3 with me," or something like that. Keep it nice and simple, and you'll feel much better.

Question No.3: Hell, you don't NEED to make it perfect. The situation you're in right now is that the girl doesn't matter what you do, she's just waiting for you to make a first move, so do it before someone else does!

Ice skating and dinner is great. Don't freak out about making it perfect. All she cares about is that you made the effort to plan the date and you make her laugh.

CALL her and make small talk for 2 minutes, then refer to your script and say "Susie. I want to take you out on a DATE Sunday afternoon at 4pm. Can you make it?" Then shut up and wait for her to answer. She will either accept or counter-offer a day she is free. ANY other answer means no.

Make sure to ask her out 5-6 days before the date so she has time to adjust her schedule. Keep the conversation light & fun and NO heavy topics. Make her laugh with clean humor and keep your hands to yourself. Don't spill your guts, either. When in doubt, say what James Bond would say.

honestly, i dont like dinner dates or movie dates. i feel awkward sitting n eating/talking facing them. and, in a movie you cant talk! not really.

so to the guy who said make it less physical, pshh, well hes wrong!! DX at least w regards to me he is. i NEED to be moving around on that date. a simple walk around a park would be good. ice skating is also great.

most friends of mine LIKE the movie dinner thing tho, so tbh the girl will prob like it. but i cant help it, w me, on my dates, i like keeping things moving. it somehow helps me w my nervous/excited energy n it seems to keep things flowing nicely to!

-yes Ice skating is awesome idea and perfect
-How do you ask her out? Say quite simply, "Hey would you want to go out on a date with me on such and such a day-
-Turn off your cell phone or at the least turn it to vibrate, be yourself and be a little flirty at the same time, hold her hand while ice skating, and just talk and laugh with her. Then right on her doorstep, pluck up a little courage and kiss her on her lips, sweetly but shortly, unless she holds your head there and kisses you back.
Don't listen to the people who are saying no to Ice Skating and yes to a Movie.

It's the other way around, trust me. You want your girl to have a first date she will remember. Ice Skating is a way for you two to have fun, and still have a laugh together, that is if you both suck. Or even better, if you are good and she isn't you can help her, and she will love you even more.

As for a movie, just no, not for a first date. You will be sat in the dark for 2 hours in silence, couldn't be more awkward than that.

- Ice skating would be a good way for you to bond as you can hold hands to maintain your balance. And laugh at each other when you fall over.
- If you don't feel comfortable asking her face to face then ask her over a text message. Although I think most girls would prefer it in person.
- If she already likes you then being yourself will just make it perfect!! Ah and don't ask her to pay that wouldn't be a nice date icon wink Undecided Question: asking a girl on a first date...?

Hope I helped!!

No it isn't a good activity, its just awkward. But movie and dinner would be a great date
Just ask it really casually like, what are you doing this weekend ? we should go to the movies ? something like that
To make it perfect just be yourself and im sure it'll turn out great

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