Turning Rejection Into Seduction

Bouncing Back From Rejection

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If a woman starts talking to someone else while you’re talking to her for more than a few seconds walk away and approach another girl or group of girls.

She’ll see you having fun with other girls and be much more receptive when you approach her again later.

If a girl gets on her phone while you’re talking to her for more than a few seconds go approach some other girls. Once again.. This will build your social proof and improve your chances when you come back and check on her later. Why? Psychology 101, my dude,.. people want what other people want.. And people want to know they can take what other people have.. These are the hard facts. Use it to get the girl you want and make it enjoyable for her and you.

Alternatively, you could flip out your phone and start talking loudly about how you just met this girl, but she’s a total dork. Make sure she hears you (credit to David Deangelo). If she doesn’t appreciate your humor, no problem.. Go talk to some other girls and try her again later.

Never forget to come back and check on these girls that diss you after you display that “Oh so powerful” social proof. Persistence is the key.

If a girl gives you a hard time or some kind of attitude as soon as your approach, roll with it. Give her a high five or say “Yeah, that’s the kind of feisty attitude I like!” Accept it as a fun challenge and a chance to show your mental and emotional strength and positivity.

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Women size you up before you even open up your mouth. How? Your body actually communicates your inner-world more effectively than your words do… And women are much more sensitive to this type of communication than men.. some say up to TEN TIMES more sensitive.

Key: Display confident body language

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Confident body language includes standing up straight. Do not slouch, don’t hunch your shoulders, don’t look down at the ground, etc.

Stand up straight, stick your chest out, put your shoulders back, lift your chin up so you’re almost looking down at others, and let others be the first to break eye contact.

Note: If it’s a guy and he won’t break eye contact first, mutually acknowledge each other with a head nod. Then it’s ok to focus your attention elsewhere. If it’s a girl who won’t break eye contact, smile. If she smiles back approach her. If you don’t approach her she WILL KNOW you’re a wussy and will get TOTALLY turned off.

When you sit take up lots of space. Spread your legs out, fan your arms out, sit back, and relax. This sends the vibe of “Whatcha got?” It’s up to other people to impress you.. to earn your respect and admiration using more than just some “genetic happenstance” we define as “good looks”.

Look for and recognize any nervous ticks you might have. Do you look down and then back up at a woman when she makes eye contact? Do you flash your eyebrows and smile nervously? Do you talk fast so you can get all your words out before she realizes you suck and walks away? STOP IT!

When you look at beautiful women look at them like you’re the leader of your pack, hunting dinosaurs 100,000 years ago, and you’ve come across a beautiful girl bathing under a waterfall… How would you look at her? You are a predator, man!

Of course, the easiest way to change your body language from displaying weakness to confidence is to change your inner-beliefs about your potential and what is possible. Read Napoleon Hill, Anthony Robbins, Motivational quotes, etc. Do whatever it takes to gain the confidence that is basic and MANDATORY in order to attract high-quality women.

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