Tittsworth, Rez & Des McMahon – CLAPz

Please subscribe to the new channel here bit.ly Like us and follow us! facebook.com twitter.com to find out about updates and who made the background + check out our channel for more of the best Moombahton + Trap! Wait Trap? Whats that Look below for more info it's the next Moombahton so if your a cool you'll love it! Two brand new exclusives you can only preview here on Moomba Blasta first before the release, from three of the many Moombahton GODS, Tittsworth, Rez, & Des McMahon. Coming off THEIR BRAND SPANKIN' new 'Juicy Jorts' EP releasing June 19th! Make sure you show these guys some love, they know how to produce REAL Moombahton not all this kiddie stuff I've been getting sent by people lately, that I don't even wanna mention cause it hurts me to talk about it, but seriously support and buy the EP or even just one song that YOU like. This will keep these guys alive and we will get better productions and motivation from them to keep the movement going in the future, remember its a cycle an artist needs support from his fans for him to give them quality music. I'm just saying all this because lately the productions have slowed down and we need to pick up the quality again which I know we can! Download: COMING June 19th. 2012 Support Tittsworth, Rez & Des McMahon @ facebook.com facebook.com facebook.com soundcloud.com Wait? What's this Trap I keep talking about? Click right here bit.ly to see the new channel dedicated just to the Trap MOVEMENT! Need help for a graphic <b>…</b>

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