The Wonders Of Wingmen

Covert Wingmen With Walkie-Talkies.. Don’t
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When it comes to approaching women lots of guys need someone to push them. We call this partner in crime a “wingman”.

The KEY to benefiting from using a wingman when you go out to approach women is to make sure he’s A LOT better than you. Do whatever it takes to make friends with some guys who are good with women. Observe carefully as they’re interacting with women and watch your learning curve go into superdrive.

Note: Wingmen who are not good with women will actually hold you back and usually make things worse.

Now just because you’re out with a wingman doesn’t mean you should be approaching women together like some sort of tag-team. ALWAYS approach women alone. Walking up to women together sends the message that you’re too weak to do it alone.. as if you need moral support just to talk to a girl.. not a turn on.

“Wingman Who Didn’t Get “Big Up” Intro……
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After you approach a group of girls and talk to them for a minute it’s cool for your wingman to come into the group too. ALWAYS give him the “big-up intro”. In other words, introduce him along with some impressive accomplishment of his. The reason for this is to show that you hang out with winners. People will assume that your friends are a reflection of you.

David Gideon

P.S. The best wingmen are actually women. If you’re out with an attractive woman, or better, a group of attractive women you will already have social proof.

good wingman The Wonders Of Wingmen

Bottomline: Girls want what other girls have or seem to want to have.

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