The Walking Dead ft. The Johnbies

The Walking Dead Lyrics: I'm John Jerome sitting in my chair Got my orange skin and my white hair, Why would you want to do Sir Robert Borden for your ISU? Doin' all my work, answerin' all the questions, asking Joe Micucci about indigestion, Does it affect your stomach? Does it affect your bowels? When you get this old you can't pronounce vowels, Like a, e, i ,o, u, if I were to quit, what would Ari do? Game against the game against the game against the cops, We could take a plane, or maybe a bus. I'm John, I'm telling you I swear, hey Chisdai, go ahead over there. We're the Johnbies, the walking dead We're the Johnbies, crossing our legs Can you repeat the question please? Because we're the rapping Johnbies. If you wanna go doing that just tell me in advance, just tell me to my face, just tell me when and when and it's okay. Hey– did you hear the news? Me and Matt Hunt are going on a cruise. Hey– you awake over there? No, just sleeping in my chair. Hey– you awake over here? My son Paddy's a famous mountaineer. Lay off the doughnuts or you'll get really fat 'cuz it's not good for your health and all that So we're haing civics this afternoon Wait, what? No no, just jump of the moon! Now boys, whatcha gonna do? 'Cuz I died in 2002 We're the Johnbies, the walking dead We're the Johnbies, crossing our legs I came to see the boys in OTI, stopped at the Gallery and Colonel By, Walk into the school with my cane in my hand getting ready to record for the Johnbie band Jack <b>…</b>

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