The Three Rules Of Cocky Comedy

Cocky Comedy

Rule # 1

The purpose of conversation with attractive women is to create attraction.  Don’t just go in trying to “be yourself” or “just get to know her” unless that’s all you want out of the interaction.

You have to know what you want in order to increase the odds of you getting it, so go in with the purpose of sparking attraction.

The best way to spark attraction is by displaying an attitude called Cocky Funny.  The is a balance of cockiness mixed with humor.  If you’re all cocky and not enough funny you’ll come across as an arrogant jerk.  If you’re all funny and not enough cocky you’ll come across as a clown.  Balance is the key.

Rule #2

You must commit to practicing this in the real world

As David DeAngelo points out none of this will do you much good if you’re just intellectually-masturbating over it.  You have to get out in the real world and try it.  And that doesn’t mean try it once and then give up when it doesn’t give you instant-results.

The path to mastery in any area requires PRACTICE.  As much as we all hate this we’re just gonna have to accept it because, unlike a beer commercial or a Hollywood movie, that’s life.  So, commit to go out and practice sparking attraction with cocky-comedy in all your interactions with women by teasing, making jokes, and busting on her.

Remember: Never be mean. The goal is to be cocky in a humorous way.

Rule #3

Recognize that women experience personality-based attraction

Women may have their physical preferences, but they are not nearly as important to them as they are to men.  Personality based attraction affects women on a much deeper level than looks.  Look for clues for this in the real world.  Find the proof for yourself and let it become your reality.

The fact that women are more attracted to the inner-qualities of men is what makes cocky comedy so powerful in flipping the attraction switch.

David Gideon

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