The Ten Golden Rules Of Style

Now no matter what your personal style is there are a few universal
maxims that you should follow in regard to meeting, attracting, and
dating women.

There must be a philosophy behind the way you dress based on what you want to accomplish.
-David Gideon

1. Be In The Group She Wants

If your goal is to attract beautiful women then your clothing should reflect a group that your desired woman is already a part of, wants to be a part of, or is curious about. This is KEY. Genres of style include hip-hop, rocker, preppy, etc.

2. Make Sure It Fits

Your clothing should be snug, not tight or loose fitting. Check out magazines like GQ and Esquire for examples of men’s fashion, proper fit, and general good aesthetics.

3. Always Dress To Impress

Only wear running shoes when your running, basketball shoes when your playing basketball(unless they’re vintage like Chuck Taylor’s or Jack Purcell’s), sweatsuits when you’re working out, and white sweatsocks when you’re at the gym. Basically, be prepared to meet someone even if you’re not planning on it at that moment.

4. Match your shoes with your belt

Women notice this. Plus you look like a bozo if you don’t do it.

5. Invest In A Good Pair Of Shoes.

Women love shoes and this is reflected in the first impressions they form from the shoes a man is wearing.

6. Go Brown

Wear brown shoes with just about everything everything except for black.

7. Get A Proper Haircut

Get one expensive haircut every three months and have it maintained weekly or bi-weekly by your local barber. As soon as you get the expensive haircut by a good stylist, go to your local barber and show him or her. Tell them you want them to maintain that exact style for you.

8. Get It Tailored

If you’re low on cash buy discounted clothing and have it professionally tailored. If you do this you can shop at Goodwill and still look like a rock star.

9. Go clothes shopping with women.

If need to buy some clothes and you want to go on a date, why not combine both. You get to bust on them and tease them about their choices, throw them a little validation by taking some of their advice, create some “push-pull” attraction, benefit from their greater fashion-awareness, and have fun all at the same time.

10. Always Always be well-groomed.

Every morning take the extra few minutes to shave, trim all facial hair neatly, pluck unibrow and nose hairs, bathe, brush, put breath mints in your pocket, line up your sideburns and the hair on the back of your neck, put on clean clothes, and iron them if necessary.

Here are some examples of great personal style for you to model:

Rock- Check out the lead singer Chris Daughtry in this video

Classic- I don’t know this guys name, but he’s the lead singer of Maroon 5. If you’re going to dress formal do it like this. Or take off the jacket and throw on a pair of Chuck Taylor’s to dress it down. Or just use a less formal blazer and jeans with the same fit.

Hip-Hop- Take the same outfits from the above example, add gold chain, Air Force One’s, aviator shades, cubic circonia earings, a gaudy gold ring, and over-the-top confidence. Joking.. kinda.

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Good luck and Get The Girl,

David Gideon

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